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November marked the halfway point for Frank’s semester classes. He buttoned down the hatches and dove headfirst into his books. He says the material is increasingly difficult, but he’s doing well, and I’m proud of him.

November, for me, has been a month of recovery. October socked me in the stomach with some emotional blows, and this month, I’ve been trying to cope, and to be honest, I’m not really sure how well I’m doing. Frank, the sweetheart that he is, sent me last-minute to the Weston A. Price annual conference, Wise Traditions in Santa Clara, CA, and I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE!

Why I Love Wise Traditions! #wapfcon #wapfconf #WestonAPrice

When I got off the plane in Santa Clara, I went to go find a taxi to the convention center, and I ran into Craig from Fearless Eating and Kelly from Kelly the Kitchen Kop. How exciting to meet some of my blogger friends in person!

Chapter leader meeting buffetI arrived at the convention center around noon on Friday, before any of the events started. I didn’t realize that I would be there “early” and that most people would arrive that evening. But (lucky me!), I was graciously invited into the chapter leader meeting, where I had the privilege of conversing with some lovely people over delicious food.

Kelly was there again—and if you read her blog, you should know that she is an absolute DELIGHT in person! Probably the sweetest person I met at the conference. She’s one of those people that you feel better just being around.

I also got to meet Liz Pitfield, a world-traveling multi-linguist with kind eyes, who acts as the assistant to Sally Fallon Morell. I met Sandeep Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Pure Indian Foods, a company that sells organic grass-fed ghee. And I met Kristin Canty, the director and producer of the groundbreaking documentary FARMAGEDDON—a must see! You can see it on Netflix, On Demand on your cable, or you can purchase it HERE.


Frank and I spent Thanksgiving with my family—PICTURES HERE.

This month, I also started a blog carnival, called Family Table Tuesday! I hope you’ll join in. It opens every Monday at 7:30pm and goes until Sunday at 7:30pm.

And be sure to check out my recipe for holiday eggnog!

(Other links I shared)


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5 Ways to use Homemade Mayo from Homemade Mommy
Butternut Squash “Sweet Potato” Casserole with Pecan Crunch from OUR NOURISHING ROOTS (yum!)
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Mustard Braised Rabbit from 20 Something Allergies hosted at Honest to Goodness Living
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Kombucha Scoby Jerky from Holistic Squid
Comforting Suppers: Woodland Venison Stew from And Here We Are…
Great Aunt Babe’s Chocolate Mousse from Homemade Mommy
Homemade Cranberry Sauce {GAPS, Paleo & Primal} from The Mommypotamus
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Would You Like Some Wood Pulp In Your Shredded Cheese? from Food Reneagde
The Hand Roll Sushi Party from Lexie’s Kitchen


U.S. Military Says Kids Too Fat To Fight from Food Renegade
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Baby, I Like it Raw – Mark McAfee Interview on
Cholesterol Myths that May Surprise You on Yahoo! Health
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Three Reasons You Should Stop Taking Probiotics from Fearless Eating

Birth & Babies

Score Your Menstrual Health in One Minute from
Top Ten Signs Your Doctor Is Planning To Perform An Unnecessary Cesarean Section On You from Frisco Women’s Health
Why We Ditched Attachment Parenting from Holistic Squid
Nourishing Foods for Labor & Childbirth (+a recipe for Groaning Cake) from Nourishing Joy
Well That’s Honest from Crappy Pictures
40 Fertility Super Foods from Holistic Squid

Practical Information

Is Organic Always GMO Free? from GMO Awareness
How to Avoid GMOs (for real) from Mama Natural
Saturated Fat from
Tips for the Next Storm: Don’t Do What I Didn’t from Real Food Forager
Real Food Economics 101: Strategies to Reduce Food Costs from Granny’s Vital Vittles
Real Food Economics 101: Eating on $6.25 a Day from Granny’s Vital Vittles
How Stress Makes You Sick from Small Footprint Family
Are You Chewing Your Food? from The Kitchen Rag
The #1 Missed Opportunity to Boost Your Immune System from Empowered Sustenance
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The Benefits of Going Barefoot: Why I Let My Daughter Go Barefoot from Unmistakably Food
Think Offal is Awful? Sneak it into your food! from The Coconut Mama
Fitting in Fitness from Thank Your Body

Do It Yourself

How To Make Homemade Soap from Weed ‘Em & Reap

And this fun picture!

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