Why I LOVE My Mooncup!

Why I LOVE My Mooncup {+GIVEAWAY!}
The blessed Mooncup

For those of you who don’t know (and by the end of this, you’ll wish you’d have known sooner), the Mooncup is a brand of menstrual cup made from medical grade silicone that is worn during a menstrual period. It is reusable and awesome for SOOO many reasons.

I first heard of the Mooncup from a very close friend, who was kind enough and brave enough to tell me about it. She changed my life in that moment. This was in 2006, and I contribute the discovery of the Mooncup as a major factor in my journey to self-discovery and conversion to real-food/healthy living.

At the time, I was suffering from chronic yeast infections (icky, I know), that had persisted for around a year and a half. Every cycle had developed a pattern, to the point where I dreaded my period. At the end of each period, I would develop a yeast infection, which I would then treat with suppositories (not cheap!) just to wait for another period and repeat the cycle again. If you’ve ever had a yeast infection, you know how painful they can be!

Simultaneously, I was dealing with severe eczema, and I tried eliminating different aspects of my diet (i.e. sugar, grain, dairy) to see if it helped clear that up. Even when eliminating these things, it did not cure my yeast infections.

My friend recommended the Mooncup as an alternative to tampons, and she suggested the possibility that tampons were contributing to my infections!

clorox bleachDid you know that tampons and disposable pads (and disposable diapers, for that matter) can contain over 23 different toxic chemicals? One of which is bleach! We’re putting BLEACH up there, girls! Not cool! Cotton itself is a pesticide-intensive crop, and you’d better believe those pesticides are still there when you go to put them all up in your lady-business!

So what to do? There are organic tampons, but that’s still dry cotton up there! Plus, tampons are a man’s solution, but they never had to use them! Tampons were originally created to stop-up bullet wounds and are much better suited for manly things.

Also good for nosebleeds
Military combat medics carry tampons in their aid bags for bullet wounds. My point, ladies, is that tampons are for plugging things up. The whole point (and I mean the whole point) of menstruation is to LET IT OUT.

Ohhhhh, there are SOOOO many reasons why I love my Mooncup! I talk about it with nearly every gal I come in contact with at some point or another. I would feel totally selfish and guilty if I didn’t share it with you, when it has made such a difference in my own life. So I’ve made a list. Of all the reasons I LOVE MY Mooncup!

And here they are:

  1. It keeps me pH neutral (i.e. no yeast infections).
  2. My cramps are almost non-existent (They used to be lay-me-down-for-a-day horrendous.)
  3. In that same vein, no more tampon aches. Do you get these? Do you know about the “ache” I’m talking about???
  4. It doesn’t freaking leak. Does it get any better? It actually creates a vacuum seal when you put it in. That means CLEAN SHEETS FOREVER.
  5. No strings.
  6. My periods are shorter. Like way shorter. I went from 5-10 days to 3 days, boom, done. (I have a theory about this. I think it’s because your body can just FLOW, uninhibited. Versus plugging it up with a tampon. Not even spotting on day four. It’s awesome.)
  7. It doesn’t feel like anything is there. I sometimes forget I’m menstruating at all.
  8. It holds 3 times the amount of a super tampon. This means WAY less times in the bathroom!
  9. You don’t have to wear back up pads. I’ll sometimes use my pretty cloth pads at night, but that’s just because I’m paranoid and it is easier to leak if you’re a restless sleeper. That said, I can only count a handful of times when I’ve actually leaked at night.
  10. No chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome. You think menses cause TSS? Think again. It’s the TOXIC TAMPONS. Go figure. Read:

    Tampons, especially when left in place for a long period of time, are thought to provide a breeding ground for the bacteria that subsequently release toxins to cause TSS.[1]


  11. NO ONE KNOWS IT’S THAT TIME OF THE MONTH. As in, I don’t have to carry a purse when I’m on my period, because I just empty it and reinsert. WIN!
  12. It’s super clean. Like way clean. Like clean in a way you won’t understand until you’ve tried it.
  13. It’s made from soft medical grade silicone and is latex-free, hypoallergenic and contains no dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins.
  14. It’s washable/reusable. At the end of your cycle, you simply boil it for 5 minutes, take it out, and it’s ready for your next cycle!
  15. IT PAYS FOR ITSELF. It costs $30 and lasts for years. (I got mine in 2006 and still have the same one.) How is that not enough to convince everyone?!
  16. Never be caught off guard AGAIN. A few days before you start, just pop it in, and voila! Once you start, it just catches it, and you’re good. (And yes, it’s totally safe to leave in for DAYS before your period, although I usually rinse it in the evening.)
  17. You don’t have to beg strangers for tampons.
  18. There are no absorbency gels, additives or perfumes, and it’s free from pesticides and genetically modified materials.
  19. It’s not as big and scary as it looks in pictures. It’s actually kind of tiny, really flexible, and soft. You can’t feel it once it’s in.
  20. It’s a life-saver if you’re backpacking, camping, or traveling, especially to other countries!
  21.  And lastly, because all the cool kids are doing it.

There’s probably like 3874 other reasons I’m forgetting right now, but hopefully that’s enough to convince you to join the bandwagon, take back your cycle, stop poisoning your body, and start having fantastic periods! Yes, I said “FANTASTIC PERIODS” because it really is just that awesome. It’s almost ridiculous how much “that time of the month” just ISN’T a big deal anymore.


Some Q&A, I thought you might find helpful:

Q. It looks big. How do I put it in?
A. A quick YouTube search will bring up copious ways to put in your Mooncup. The easiest way, I think, is just to fold it in half, insert fully, and then give it a small twist to make sure it’s sealed.

Q. How can I tell if it’s full?
A. After a few cycles, you’ll be able to recognize when it’s full and when to change it. The vacuum seal starts to release, and it feels like small bubbling.

Q. How do I rinse it if I’m in a public toilet?
A. There are a few options for this. I personally prefer to rinse, if possible, so I try to get the family bathrooms or the single-room bathrooms or even handicap stalls with sinks in them. If that’s not possible, it’s just as easy to NOT rinse it. You can either gently wipe it with toilet tissue or just empty it and reinsert with a little fluid on it (which actually makes it easier). After using it for so long, I don’t even get blood on my fingers, and the blood doesn’t really “cling” to the silicone, so if you empty it, it is usually pretty clean afterwards.

Q. I can’t figure out how to get this thing in-and out-without feeling like an uncoordinated dunce. What am I doing wrong?
A. Don’t stress. :) There is a 2-3 cycle learning curve for becoming a Mooncup expert. (Since you only get a few days a month to practice.) Keep trying, and do a Youtube search or two for “how to insert a menstrual cup.” I like to fold it like a taco and then let it expand once inside. It might take you a month or two, but once you’ve got it down, you don’t even get blood on your fingers. CLEAN HANDS, BABY!

Q. What if it gets lost in there???
A. This is impossible. The vagina is only 3-4 inches long in most women, and it stops at the cervix (the coming-together of the uterus). However, some women may find that they can’t reach it. You only need to simply bear down with your pelvic muscles in order to reach the cup. There is also a trimmable stem that you can cut to size for what is most comfortable to you.

Q. I’ve got it in, but it feels like it’s pinching me. What do I do?
A. This happened to me, and it was just a problem of stem-length. Make sure the cup is in as far as it can go comfortably, and pinch the stem to where just the tiny tiny tip of your finger is in the opening. This is where you want to trim the stem. I personally chopped the whole thing off. The base of the cup is sturdy enough to pull it out without the stem.

Q. How come I’ve never heard of this before?!
A. Good question! The best thing to do now is tell everyone you know. :)

Lastly, in honor of my Mooncup, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY!*

If you win, be sure figure out which size is best for you. Here’s a handy chart to help you.

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter!

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Be sure to share this with all your friends!! : )

*There are affiliate links on this page for the Mooncup (mcuk), but I am providing the Mooncups for the giveaway myself. The company did not give them to me.

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  1. Emily says

    I would love to win one because I have tried the soft cups and love them. Also have problems with vaginosis and the soft cups seem to help.

  2. Brenda says

    I have recently heard about the menstrual cups, for those of you who have used them do you find certain brands better than others? After reading this post I am definitely going to give them a try. I too have issues with reoccurring yeast infections, not monthly but close to it right around the time of the month. I don’t bleed a lot so using tampons doesn’t work well for me but I HATE wearing pads because I feel like I am wearing a diaper. This sounds like the perfect thing for me! Thanks so much for the post, even if I don’t win the post is very informative and has covered all of my questions/concerns about investing in one.

  3. Megan M. says

    I’m ready to try the moon cup! I am SO tired of having periods that last for up to two weeks! I’m literally menstruating HALF my life away! And using TONS of expensive tampons and pads that are messy, unsanitary, unhealthy, and don’t do the job half the time anyway is getting really, really old! I’m a busy girl! You would call me “outdoors-y”. I’m a runner, kayaker, camper, co-hunter, gardener, hiker, biker, and all-around “do-it-yourselfer”. My hands get dirty. Regularly. There’s never a good time to stop and change a saturated tampon when you’re in the middle of digging out a leach line or butchering a tick-infested deer. (Surprise!), I don’t always have the means to escape to the luxury of a restroom to deal with ANOTHER leak. AGAIN. And having to take the walk of shame because my clothes got stained?! Ugh!! I just don’t want to hate being a woman half of the time anymore!!

    ***OVER IT!!***

    PS~ Thank you for enlightening us to the wholesome benefits of alternative do-it-yourselfdome! Your pioneering spirit is so inspiring! Keep it up! :)

  4. Iryna says

    these are a great alternative to tampons/pads, more environment friendly. I’d love to win and share with my family and friends!! thanks!!!

  5. Renee says

    My family and I just bought our first home along with 10 acres. As we’re now using our own septic tank, repairs are our own responsibility now, and everything costs SO much more than before… I’m looking at all alternatives to our old way of living in the hopes of finding something more suitable. Tampons + Septic Tank = no bueno.

  6. Katey says

    I REALLY want to try this product! I have heard of it before, only online. None of my friends have ever heard of it, and I think it would be a great thing to share with them. I never knew of all of the harsh chemicals in female products, it’s awful that they market these products to us. It seems like these are a great alternative to tampons. They are much better for women’s health, and for the environment, which I care about deeply. Thanks for the share.

  7. says

    Hey there – very interested in this as i too have the yeast issue! Question – are you able to have intercourse with it? I guess i am not sure exactly how high it sits.

  8. laura says

    After having two kids (no pain meds! woo!) and getting an IUD, I was faced with heavy bleeding and excruciating periods… Soon I’ll be getting my IUD out forever (finally!) and would LOVE to switch from pads to the cup to change my time of the month completely!

  9. Kristen B. says

    I would love to try a mooncup because I’ve never tried anything like it, and there are so many reasons why I should! So cool, thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Erin says

    We are in the process of going green (just switched to family cloths) and this would be a huge step in the right direction for me!

  11. says

    I would love a mooncup because my day is so active – swimming, hiking, jogging – and I don’t get much time to visit the bathroom. Having a mooncup would mean I could live my life normally without having to worry about what time of the month it is. Instead, I could focus on having THE TIME OF MY LIFE :)

  12. Faye says

    amending my other comment, i also have twin toddlers and an older child. with me battling my own health issues (depression and anxiety) im making that transition to whole real foods and i need anything that can make my life easier! this would help a lot lol.

  13. Faye says

    i want to try this because im already convinced about how bad tampons and pads are. ive been using cloth for awhile now. i love cloth instead of disposables but i want to be more independent and free to not rely on things like that. plus, i really trust your opinion on many things and look at you like a role model, so if you are sold on this i have faith that i will love it too

  14. Jamie says

    I would really like to try a moon cup. I have switched to pads recently because tampons were hurting me after I had my second child. But now I am learning more that these cups are safer for both my body and the earth.

  15. Brytni says

    I want to try a moon cup because I want to save the money of buying pads/tampons. And because I want to do something good for my body at the same time. I have never used a menstrual cup, but I would like to see how I would like one, and I honestly don’t have the money to buy something that I may never use again.

  16. Alesia says

    i just recently found out about the menstrual cup and really want to try one. im slowly turning my whole family into natural and organic way of living and getting rid of toxic tampons is something i should’ve thought of long time ago:)

  17. Jessica says

    Each month as I pull out the pads again, I keep telling myself I need to buy one of these. I’d love to win one instead! lol

  18. says

    I showed this to my two teenage daughters today who are eager to try. They both get cramps and hate tampons/pads.. (who doesn’t though?) As our family is transitioning to everything natural/organic I think this is something we are going to switch to next. I hope we win one!

  19. Sarah Mason says

    I have been looking into these for some time. I definitely would like one for swimming in the summer months. I will never use a tampon again after learning about how bad for you they are. However, I feel like this would be awesome to save money and not have to pay for one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Kristen S says

    I would love to win a mooncup because it will give me the incentive to finally make the switch. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Serena says

    I have used the diva cup for the past four years, which I love. But if I would win a moon cup I would gift it to a friend. I’m so glad I switched and want all my friends to switch too!

  22. Jay says

    These sound like something I would love to try, I’ve tried softcups, but that didn’t fit me very well. I like that the moon cup has a smaller size. Def sounds like something I’m interested in

  23. christianmotherof5 says

    I have a mooncup and I LOVE it!! It would be good to have a second one for when you are out and about.

  24. Kelly F says

    I would love to try one of these! I love the cleanliness of tampons vs pads, but am ready for a greener and less toxic option.

  25. Kaela says

    I love your posts and I think it’s a GREAT idea to have a Mooncup giveaway! Obviously, a lot of woman, myself included, want to try this out, but for whatever reason it always falls last on the list. Yay for giving one lucky woman that extra help forward to a healthier lifestyle!!! That’s so rad! Peace :)

  26. Cassandra says

    Never in a million years would have considered one of these until after reading your post. Now I am intrigued and want one. We are just starting our journey to healthy/clean living. This would be a great next step.

  27. Kendra Mitchell says

    I have been using the Diva Cup and love how it has changed my life, but would like to try another brand to see if it is a bit more comfy.

  28. Cassidie says

    I would so LOVE this I will be buying one soon as I am almost finished nursing my second child and the period is sure to follow! I read your post about it several months ago and decided that was the way for me!!! I have also found out that several of my close relatives use something similar! Who knew! I will definitely be sharing this little pearl of information with everyone I know, it’s just not a secret that needs to be kept! :D

  29. Juanita says

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I have a heavy flow and am tired of always using overnite pads and tampons for my periods. I have been debating between buying this and some of the other ones out there and I always cant make a decision so I end up doing nothing. Sigh.

  30. Michelle says

    I’ve been rocking a Diva Cup for years. It would be nice to have a back up…. or a Mooncup to keep in the cupboard for when my daughters start to menstruate.

  31. Jamie Sprouse says

    I would love to win this because I heard that it can really help with menstrual cramps. I get them so bad that my right leg goes numb! Definitely something worth trying!

  32. Robyn says

    I love mine! (I bought it based on one of your earlier posts.) If I win, I will be giving it to one of my three sisters. Thanks!

  33. Jenny Moreland says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would like to win because it will reduce the chemicals near my body and it’s cheaper!

  34. Rachel S says

    I would love one in the future but if I win I am going to give it my sister (I’m prego now and will be nursing exclusively for at least a year after birth so I don’t expect to have my cycle return anytime soon :)). My sister has horrible cramping and menstrual cycles she is also a single working mom and often doesn’t have time or money to look into healthier options. I would love to bless her with this!

  35. Jennelle says

    My son is 11 months old and I still do not have my period back. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the mooncup and other options and am excited to try it once my cycle returns. I love the idea of no more tampons!

  36. Katie P. says

    I have just recently learned about all the bad stuff in tampons and pads. I would love to win this and give it a try!

  37. says

    Hi, I have a question about the Mooncup through that website. How much is added on for shipping? I would really like to get one soon, but just need to know exactly how much I would be spending on it. Thank you!

    • Erica says

      Oh, nevermind. I found more info on the website and had it converted to US dollars, which came to $46.70 after shipping.

      I have the most terrible cramping every month. :( I am praying that (along with some dietary changes) this moon cup will bring relief after consistent usage.

  38. Lexi says

    I’ve been using a Lunette for several months now. My problem, however, is that when I empty it, there always seems to be active flow, so it gets a little messy, then after I reinsert there is “residue” below the seal that leaks out. Everyone keeps raving that they don’t leak at all…Do you have any suggestions to avoid this?

    • says

      I suggest rinsing it before reinserting. Even if you are having active flow, it should be fairly slow. Perhaps try inserting a finger and swiping along the walls of the vagina to remove any residual fluid/uterine lining. Then, reinsert.

  39. Evelien says

    I do have a question on this. I have a mooncup, but mine leaks….. and I just dont know why? Its kind off frustrating!!! Maybe I got the wron size?? But it should. I was wondering if any of you also had this experience?

    • says

      Give it a little twist after it pops open inside; that should create a seal. If it’s still leaking, maybe it’s the wrong size. Depending on where you ordered from and how long ago it was, they might send you another for free if you explain the issue you’re having.

  40. Teresa says

    I can no longer use tampons as they won’t stay in place. I hate pads and I’m wondering whether a mooncup would stay there and not slip out like the tampons do?

  41. Shellee says

    I am still getting use to my Diva. But, I have to take mine out 2-3 times a day to empty. It does not seem clean either; to take it out to clean. I don’t know what I would do if I was in a public restroom and had to change. I have lots of cramping and pain with it. But it is a lot better than the toxic products.

  42. Rebecca says

    I love mine. I’ve used it for 5 years now. It really doesn’t leak. The only way I got mine to leak was to forget to empty it. I usually empty once in the morning, once at night. If I forget, I get a bubbling sensation then the floodgates open a bit later, not seconds though. I do have a really heavy flow also so many of you might have to really forget about it. I don’t miss the stains or having junky undies just for period days. I also had to change my tampons every hour at times so this means I can actually have a life on period days. Never going back to tampons or pads. :)

  43. L. says

    I REALLY want to switch to a cup, but first I need to hear a few success stories from girls like me who’ve never had anything up there! I use pads now but I don’t want to switch to cloth pads because they kinda gross me out more than the cup does (and it doesn’t really) and I don’t think they’d work for me… I can’t imagine how they don’t leak!

    • Roxana S. says

      Dear L,

      I was actually the person who won the Mooncup. It wasn’t an entirely positive experience and inspired me to use cloth padding instead. I have used tampons a few times in the past but was too concerned with the negative things that can happen to my body that I decided not to go that route. Using a Mooncup is more involved than using a pad, especially during those times of the month when you are most sensitive. You can get used to anything, so if you really are in need of the cup then get it and try it out for yourself. If not then try a reusable pad. Either way you have to get used to getting a little blood on your hands but nothing a little soap and water can’t fix. The benefits are keeping toxins out of your body. I have PCOS so have suffered a lifetime of unbalanced hormones which is not fun. Take care of your health the best way possible as you see fit.

  44. Heidi says

    I’m still in my “learning curve” but let me tell you what, as a pre-menopausal woman, I wish I had made this change 35 years ago. Now I’m at a time in my life when my periods are at their heaviest, and my mooncup has been like a godsend-to the point that my last two periods have been the easiest, most pain-free of my life. I REALLY wish I had raised my daughters on them when they started menstruating and I hope I can talk them into at least giving it try (so far they are just incredibly grossed out by it, but I’m not giving up). I’m quickly becoming a mooncup evangelist to anyone I can get to listen.

  45. Paula says

    How wonderful to use something like this for that monthly time we women have. I am very intrigued! It sounds like the perfect fix for some of the issues I have!

  46. sweetmama says

    I’ve only recently started realizing the toxicity of the products I’ve been using all these year. I’ve always ended up with a “rash” after my period and just figured I should change to a different brand of pads/tampons. Well, I’m switching for good now. I’m done with pad & tampons. I’m having my 14 year old daughter switch too! Thanks for being brave & bold & letting us know.

  47. joanielspeak says

    Ive been using homemade cloth pads for years since tampons are so uncomfortable. My sis swears by her Diva, but id like to try this!

  48. Amanda Zeitner says

    I’m would love to win this! I’m so sick of always ruining my bed sheets and having period panties! GROSS!!!!

  49. Sarah says

    My divacup (?) is starting to get old (after multiple, multiple years), and I’d love to have a Mooncup as a back-up. I’ve saved so much money and been sooo much more comfortable. We have a septic system, so no “white rats” when we have to take the tank lid off. ;-)

  50. Marylynn says

    At the end of your cycle, you simply boil it for 5 minutes, take it out, and it’s ready for your next cycle!” This made me laugh… hopefully you don’t do it in that order! Ouch! That being said, I really love my MC, although Diva Cup really threw me for a loop when they slightly changed their design and the new ones don’t work for me. At any rate, I’ve been a MC user for 15 years now, and it’s awesome!

  51. Elissa says

    I have a Diva Cup which I absolutely LOVE! I had to replace my first one after a couple years because the holes that helped form the suction were starting to crack but the amount of $$ I’ve saved over the past 4 years has been awesome, plus all of the reasons you’ve mentioned and MORE! I love using a menstrual cup, as “icky” as I thought it was when I first heard about them..! :)

  52. says

    I can’t believe I haven’t tried one before! I think I figured it would be a lot more like the Instead, which was totally fine, but didn’t totally convert me. You gave a great pitch, I’m definitely going to try it!

  53. Rebecca says

    I’m very new to REAL FOOD and natural living. I’ve read many articles and books on candida and realized that it could be causing a major part of my issues. Now looking at how birth control can contribute to that, I’ve decided to come of the pill for the first time in 14 years. I’m scared to see what will happen. My whole reason for going on the pill was due to irregular, extreme and painful menstruation. I’m very interested in healing myself and I think the Mooncup will be a part of that process. One thing is for sure, I’m over tampons and all other “traditional” forms of period management. It’s time to do something natural!

  54. Candace says

    I have always had very painful periods off of birth control. I recently decided to go off of BC for financial reasons and then realized why I was on it in the first place. I now have terrible pains all month long. My husband got out of the military in February and we haven’t even made enough $ to pay bills let alone buy woman products, so I made some pads out of some flannel I had. But I think I would really love to have a mooncup! We don’t have the $ to buy one and won’t for a few months, so it would be cool to win one! Thanks for sharing all your knowledge and insight about this product!

    • says

      You are a tough woman! That is great you just went for it and made your own pads. I love my cloth pads—I got some really cute and vibrant prints—but I rarely need them with the Mooncup.

      Have you looked into what could be causing the pain? Are you able to pin-point if it’s uterine pain or ovarian pain? If you’re having it all month, there has got to be a reason. Depending on where the pain is located, you might be able to draw some conclusions from that.

      Frank and I are on a tight budget, too. If you’re looking for other money saving options, I have a couple of posts under the “Penny-Pinching” tag.

  55. Alicia says

    Every time I go to the health food store I look at the cups and wonder “Could I do it?”
    Thanks for all this wonderful information-I would love to try it out.

  56. Lindsay Lewis says

    I have a Diva Cup, and honestly it works sometimes, but sometimes…. ugh. I would LOVE to try a different brand that might actually work for me!

  57. Danielle says

    This looks really interesting, and I am super curious about it! I have extremely heavy flows. I totally understand the “ache” you were talking about! I also hate the “messy” feeling regarding just using pads, so this is a great alternative, thanks so much for lets us other ladies know about it, would love to win one!! Thank you!

  58. says

    Wow – great post. I’ve been hesitant to try, but based on your suggestions I think I’ll take the plunge! I’d love to win this so I can give it a try (for FREE!)

  59. Stac- says

    I’ve always had problems with my period. It is worth a try…What about if your cycle is irregular. I mean, I don’t want to have to wear the thing every day.

    • says

      If you are confused about your cycles or have irregular cycles, I would HIGHLY recommend the book “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH. The book is is easy to read and easily outlines common problems/questions/patterns of various cycles. There are a number of examples in the book of different types of cycles. Perhaps you will find that one describes yours, and you can figure out the reason behind your irregularity.

      I have been using the charting techniques described in this book for months, and I am now able to predict the day that I will begin menstruation. It’s an incredible feeling of freedom to be able to do that.

      Hope this helps! :)

  60. Leah says

    I have a Diva cup but it is too large for me and is not comfortable. I’ve heard that the moon cup is a better choice if the Diva is too big. I want to love it so badly and there are certainly times I use it and LOVE it (as it’s still better than tampons) but I want to try the moon cup :)

  61. Lauren says

    I’ve been wanting a Moon Cup/Diva Cup for quite a while now!! So far I’ve just been trying to use up the products I already have (budget guilt) and then buy. This would be fantastic to win!!

  62. Jane says

    We have been wanting to try this. My daughter and I have terrible cramps. We would love to get back all of the lost days lying in bed with a heating pad!

  63. Kathy says

    This sounds WAY better than spending lots of money on disposables, having to carry them around, worrying about leaking, etc! I’d love to try it!

  64. Kelly H. says

    I think I’d like to try one to simply stop having to use so many tampons. I also like the theory of shorter periods because nothing is ‘stopped up’ up there.

  65. Sarah says

    I’d love to win a mooncup! I currently have a Divacup and love it, except that it always leaks the first two days. I’m wondering if I’d have better luck the first two days with the moon cup. Thanks for such a wonderful contest!

  66. Megan says

    Ok, so I never win stuff like this, but I think I’d be more excited to win this than a new phone or something!

    I’ve been using a Diva Cup for years (well, ok, I used it for nearly a year, got pregnant, used it ONCE, then got pregnant again) and LOVED it. However I think you are supposed to replace the DC every year, so I’d love to give the MC a shot! :D

  67. Elise says

    I haven’t used a Mooncup, but I had a Diva cup that I loved prior to the birth of my son. It’s time for a new cup, and I’d be happy to try the Mooncup!

  68. Rebecca says

    I’ve been wanting to try one of these due to learning more about the toxicities in pads! (I stopped using tampons years ago.) I’d love to win to keep on my journey to wellness!

  69. Pooja says

    I have had to ditch pads and start wearing tampons for health reasons, but I’d had many issues with tampons…I’m very familiar with the “ache” that you mentioned on #3. This sounds like a solution to all my problems. Thank you for sharing!!


  70. Rachel K says

    I’m always striving for better health – this seems like a logical next step! :-) Thanks for answering some of my questions.

  71. Shannon D. says

    I would like to win because I’d like to try the alternative to the pesticide-ridden dioxin-polluted hygiene products. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Liz says

    This is so awesome! I’ve just been making a lot of transitions in things relating to my health. Just about a week ago was the first time I ever heard of this option and would adore the chance to try it out!! Going natural now in a lot of ways including getting off the pill… which has made my monthly occasion quite the ordeal to get used to again. I must have a moon cup!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn more about them and to win one! :)

    • says

      If you’re coming off the pill, I HIGHLY recommend the book “Taking Charge Of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH. The book looks big, but it’s well-written and well laid out—very concise. Almost half the material is reference material, just in case you need it. But you could really read just a quarter of the book to get the gist. It is an excellent resource if you’re looking to learn more about your body as a woman, natural cycle patterns. It focuses on fertility awareness and body literacy. When used correctly, fertility awareness can be just as effective as the pill! Fertility awareness is NOT the same as the rhythm method, just FYI. Good luck in your natural health journey! :)

    • says

      I’m obviously a firm Mooncup believer! I have a few friends that have tried the Diva Cup, and every single one of them says that it leaks, so I would avoid that one. I have no idea about other brands.

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