No Shampoo – UPDATE

A little update on the no shampoo front!

It’s been a little over a week, and my hair already feels and looks so different! It’s fuller and more voluminous, softer, shinier, and it just feels cleaner. Frank really likes his hair, too. About once a day, he’ll feel his curls and exclaim, “Wow! It’s so soft!” Before this, his hair was constantly dry and frizzy. Now his curls are softer and more tamed. It’s amazing.

Also, a little update on ratio of baking soda to Apple Cider Vinegar. The best ratio I’ve found for myself is 1 TBSP baking soda to 2 TBSP ACV. Frank’s been using 2 tsp baking soda to 1 TBSP ACV.

Now that it’s been a week, I thought I’d post an updated pic. Here ya go!


  1. Andrea says

    You make a large batch of it?? It would be silly to make a batch every time you want to clean your hair!

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